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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Alice Pandora.

I'm Alice Pandora.
Philosophic Philosopher of Philosophy.
Indigo interdimensional starseed warrior.
Goddess isis energy of Love & Magic.

I Stil Love Learning.
We can change and safe the world in a loving way.
The new generation of indigo's.
Who don't have the Warrior genes in them.
They can't function in this angry and mistreated World.
Every System is so Extremely Corrupt.
We are deliberately killing the World.
For our tax farmer's.

Rescue = Changing All Systems!!!
Where destined to survive.
We need to grow up & wake up.
See and stop, the brainwashing and enslavement, of our Children.
Wake up from your Brain dead coma's.
Learn using your brain, And Brain functions.
Stopping your Farmers, from
Human Tax Farming.

Learn the Art Living.
Learning is 4 Life.
Adore & Love your self.
Forgive & Respect & Accept your self.